Tanec na Príglu

Come with us cruising water reservoir in Brno in Zouk and Salsa rhythm!

FB event: facebook.com/events/1890317627855881

There will be two dancing floors on the boat, so enought place for dancing even if the weather will be not nice.

There will be also boat-bar with mixed-drinks, vine, beer or something small agains hunger.

After almost three hours of cruising, there will be waiting private bus, which takes us to dancing studio Stolárna.

In Stolarna we can dance until morning. And if you need a place to sleep, try to write to someone from Brno ;)


18:40 - check-in
19:00 - boat starts from Přístaviště (Přístavní) - please be on time!
21:45 - transfer by bus to Stolárna (Olomoucká 14)


300 CZK
there will be no ticket at the door probably

Buy ticket there -> Předprodej akce


Tanec na Prýglu

12. 8. 2017